PA Hire

Dockside Studios has several P.A. packages available, ranging from a vocal P.A. (powered mixer, speakers, mics, leads and stands) to a full-range 2K system. P.A. packages can be tailored to suit individual requirements so call us on 0117 934 9994 for prices.

Wedding PA Hire

PA Hire

Great for weddings and larger venues: Soundcraft M12 desk. Mackie SRM450's, Mackie powered bass bins. 3 way fold back and digital effects.

Studio PA hire

Studio Hire

We have guitar and bass amps, drum kits etc. for hire on the premises.

How to find us

Unit 15, Albion Dockside Estate, Hanover Place, Bristol, BS1 6UT.


Tel: 0117 934 9994
Mob: 0771 400 3749