Rehearsal rooms for band practices

Here at Dockside we believe that the most important aspect of a rehearsal room is the quality of the P.A. system. With this in mind, all our practice rooms are fitted with 900watt full range systems capable of handling all modern musical equipment. This includes Mackie SRM450 active speakers and Soundcraft Mixing desks as standard. Our rates are £8 per hour, booked by the hour. Call us on 0117 934 9994 to book.

Room 1 at Dockside

Room 1

Our original room! Good size, suits a 5 piece band.

Room 2 at Dockside

Room 2

Mid sized room, suits up to 5 piece.

Room 3 at Dockside

Room 3

Our largest room, has a sofa and can fit larger bands. We regularly have 7 piece bands in there!

Room 4 at Dockside

Room 4

A corner room suited to 3-4 piece bands.

How to find us

Unit 15, Albion Dockside Estate, Hanover Place, Bristol, BS1 6UT.


Tel: 0117 934 9994
Mob: 0771 400 3749